Featured today!

We are honored to have the wedding of Lauren and Scott Landers featured at "The Wedding Post" today. Click here to check it out!


Our family portrait!

Thanks again to John Michael Cooper who not only photographed our wedding back in 2006, but also travelled to our studio in Fayetteville recently to take this portrait of of family.



We always love it when we photograph a wedding and then the couple comes back with a new baby for us to take pictures of. Congratulations to Shelly and Jeff on their new baby Alex!

If we photographed your wedding, there is no charge for your first maternity or newborn session with us!


The "Bridal Event" featuring some of NW Arkansas's best wedding professionals is this Thursday through Saturday at Romance Diamond Company on Dickson Street in Fayetteville. We'll be in and out all weekend. Hope you can stop by and see all the bling and other fun stuff! We are very honored to be a sponsor again this year!

A few favorites from Ashley's bridal portrait session


The wedding season continues...

Our wedding season is still in full swing... four weddings this past weekend and two this coming weekend. Congratulations to all of our newlyweds!

Here's a picture from Andrea and Jason's wedding this past weekend:

And one from Katherine and Jared's wedding:

Lots of new weddings being put online this week!



We received this certificate in the mail today. THANK YOU Northwest Arkansas!


To see each other, or to not see each other....

Most of our brides and grooms have differing opinions on whether they will see each other before their ceremony and take their posed pictures prior to the ceremony, or if they will wait until after the ceremony to get their pictures made.

While we certainly don't dictate how this part of the day will go, since we believe this is a decision the two of you make together, there are definitely advantages to seeing each other before the wedding.

For one thing, the pictures below wouldn't have been possible on Kathya and Eli's wedding day this past Saturday had they not opted to see each other before the ceremony, because afterwards if would have been too dark! There is also a time advantage in play. If they had waited until after the ceremony, there simply wouldn't have been time to go walking around taking pictures of just the bride and groom. With all of their guests waiting, they would have likely felt a lot more rushed. This way, we were able to relax and take our time getting some photos that they will be happy to look back on for years to come! These are really nice memories for the couple to have from their wedding day, and it would be a shame not to have good pictures of the bride and groom!

New wedding couples!

Two new Little Rock weddings booked today! Looking forward to Amy and Chris's wedding on September 1, 2012, and also to Charlsey and Kyle's wedding on July 28, 2012.