Written by Kori

We had such a busy, but fun, Halloween this year! The past few weeks had been packed so full of photo shoots and kids' activities that I wasn't even sure I was looking forward to Sunday until it got here. Trick-or-treating was honestly just starting to sound like a lot of work! But then it came time to actually get the kids dressed up, and my attitude improved immensely! They looked so cute in their costumes!

Bear was a Star Wars clone trooper:

Autumn was Hermione from Harry Potter:

And Norah was an adorable little ballerina!

Our costume choices were somewhat limited with Norah, because she had no interest whatsoever in being dressed up, especially if it involved anything being on her face or head. So a ballerina it was! I think she turned out awfully cute!

Anyway, Jamie and her baby belly came along with us for our evening of Trick-or-Treating fun. We decided to set out over in our old neighborhood in the historic district. With all of the adorable little kids milling around in their costumes and all of the houses lit up with Halloween decor, along with the fall leaves strewn around the ground and the beautiful weather, it all felt a little like a dream. I felt like I was trick-or-treating in a movie (or maybe on that great new show Parenthood) instead of in real life!

Here are a few pictures that Jason snapped of our adventure:

I can't imagine how the evening could have been any more perefct. Thanks for all your help, Jamie!! I hope everyone had a great Halloween! : )

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