Military Brides - Now Hear This!!

Posted by Kori

Are you an active duty bride? Is your groom a man in uniform? If either of these applies to you, then Brides Across America wants to salute you for your service by offering you a free wedding dress! (Yes, you read that right... FREE!)

Today and tomorrow at A Fitting Image in Little Rock, and at various other dates and locations in the near future nationwide, this organization is handing out free dresses to military brides as a token of thanks for their sacrifices. What a great idea!

Visit their website to see if you qualify, then get yourself over there for your free dress! You deserve it!

A big thank you to Heather over at All in the Details for getting the word out about this one... We never would have heard about it otherwise! Also thank you to Amelia Phillips Hale, our former associate who now owns Dreamland Images with her husband, Dan, in South Carolina, for capturing the beautiful image featured above. It was taken at a military wedding she shot with us in 2008, and we thought it was a perfect fit with this post. We miss you guys!

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