America's Newest Ghost Town: Picher, Oklahoma

posted by Jason

On November 8, 2010, I took a trip with photographer Philip Thomas to a town called Picher, Oklahoma. We were there to document what is, for the most part, a ghost town. A former lead mine caused toxic acid to leak into the water supply, and chat particles from the mine made the air quality poor and then sink holes started developing around town, sucking up homes and businesses. The government offered home owners $55 per sq. foot to sell their homes and move out of town. Most did. Then a tornado came through a few years ago and flattened a lot of the town. What is left though is completely empty. You can walk through churches, schools, funeral homes, business, and homes. Thanks for looking.


  1. How interesting....great pictures!

  2. Cool photos but very sad to look through. Its a town left behind. Can you only imagine its continued deterioration?

    On a happy note, I enjoy admiring your work!