Go Bear Go!

Posted by Kori:

I really love getting to watch my kiddos play sports. I even thoroughly enjoyed watching Bear play football last year despite the fact that a lot of his time on the field was spent spinning in circles, kicking the dirt and staring up at the sky rather than actually playing! This year, though, he really started to get the hang of it! He made a bunch of good runs and catches, as well as several touchdowns, throughout the season. Here are some pictures we took at his last game.

Here I am trying to keep Shiloh warm... It was pretty chilly out!

This is Norah's latest reaction to having her picture made. Fabulous! I had to stalk her with the long lens to get the rest of the images of her in this post!

Bear's getting so big! And handsome!

I just put this one in because I think her little silver high tops are so cute!

Norah really enjoyed sitting on the sidelines with her big brother.

Unfortunately, she also enjoyed running out onto the field (during the game!) like a maniac. She is surprisingly hard to catch!

Speaking of which... Note the little 2-year-old head sneaking into the bottom of this photo. Silly girl!

Here he is with his signature Game Face!

Somehow he managed to make it through all these guys to get the touchdown!

Going in for the score!

I guess this was our last flag football game, at least until Shiloh gets older, because believe it or not, next year, Bear will be playing tackle! Crazy!

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