Bear's Mad Scientist Birthday Extravaganza!

Believe it or not, Bear turned 7 on Friday! To celebrate, we invited family and friends to join us for a mad-science-themed party in the park! It was a little hot out, but we had a blast!

First off, let me say how awesome Rick's Bakery is! We showed them this (the invitation we sent out):

...And they made this amazing cake to go along with it!

The grown-ups and babies visited and the kids played on the playground while the Mad Scientists set up, and then they got the party started. They did tons of fun experiments, followed by a rocket launch grand finale! Bear got to set off (and keep!) the rocket, which he thought was pretty cool! Afterwards, we ate cake and ice cream and opened presents. Each kiddo got to leave with their very own container of slimy goo, plus a neon slinky. We even had a few leftover for the grownups! : ) All in all, I think everyone had a great time. Here are a few of our favorite photos from the afternoon:

Happy Birthday to Bear! Now to plan another party asap... Miss Norah is turning 2 on Saturday! : )

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