An Homage

We are pretty big on originality around here, and we don't usually make an effort to imitate the work of other artists, but with me being 8 months pregnant with what will in all likelihood be our last child, we decided to make an exception and stage a photo session as an homage to the infamous Demi Moore maternity photo that was shot by Annie Leibovitz for the cover of the August, 1991, issue of Vanity Fair.

The image, which featured a 28-year-old Moore in the nude while 7 months pregnant with her second daughter, Scout, was a sort of turning point in the field of maternity photography. Prior to this, it was rare for the pregnant female form to be on such bold display. The cover image featured Demi in the nude, and the images featured inside the magazine caused further controversy by depicting Demi's pregnant form in a lacy black bra and panties. This was a big departure from the mostly chaste and covered-up maternity photography that was taking place at the time. To have a pregnant woman displayed in such an openly "sexy" way caused a huge controversy at the time, but ended up affecting a wave of change within the field.

Images of pregnant women have since evolved to include a wide range of depictions, from the more traditional poses common in the earlier days of the field to the less covered-up and more evocative images reminiscent of the Demi Moore/Annie Leibovitz photo session that sparked the change. Now it is very common in the field of maternity photography for women to proudly display their forms in celebration of what is one of the most special and beautiful times in a woman's life.

As an homage to the pivotal shoot, Jason brought a backdrop from the studio here to our house, and we set up a couple of shots in the same spirit. Here is the image that was used for the Vanity Fair cover in 1991, shot by Annie Leibovitz:

...And here is the shot that Jason captured of me. I am the same age that Demi was at the time of the shoot and one month further along in my pregnancy.

Below is an image from the inside spread of the Vanity Fair article.

...And finally, a similar image of me taken by Jason:

Kudos to Annie Leibovitz for her excellent work on the images, and for her ever-growing body of amazing work that continues to be an inspiration to me as an artist. And long live materntiy photography that helps pregnant women to feel beautiful in their bodies. There is nothing lovelier than a big pregnant belly, if I do say so myself! ; )


  1. Awesome photos!!!!

  2. I totally agree. Have the exact same due date as you (and Erika Dotson) and I LOVE showing off my pregnant belly. Other than the uncomfortable-ness, I agree and feel really sexy during pregnancy.
    It makes me happy that there are so many people now that celebrate the miracle that happens to a woman in pregnancy.