New Couples!!

Congratulations to the latest "Hudson Photography" couples! Our awesome associate Jeremy will be photographing Courtney and James' wedding in Hot Springs on Oct. 2 while Jason and I head to weddings in Eureka Springs and Bella Vista. That will be a busy weekend! We're also excited to be shooting Sarah and Jesse's wedding on New Year's Day here in Fayetteville. I wonder if they will be serving black-eyed peas at the reception? ; )

If you're planning a wedding and thinking about having us there to capture your big day, don't forget to check out our 2010 & 2011 Weddings pages in the "Your Weddings" section of our gallery. These pages contain our complete, up-to-date list of wedding bookings. Already see a wedding on your date? Don't stress! Between myself, Jason and our 3 amazing associates, we've got you covered, so give us a call!

The "Your Weddings" section is also a great place to go for ideas about locations, colors, vendors and more... We put up a gallery for every wedding we shoot, so there are thousands of inspiring images to look through. Enjoy!


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