Jason is Old(er)!

A very big "Happy Birthday" to Jason, who turned 36 yesterday! Here are a few pictures from the festivities!

The delicious cake from Cold Stone Creamery:

Baby Norah with her adorable aunts:

Norah with the Birthday Boy (Birthday Guy? Man? Hmmm...)

Autumn and Levi, having way too much fun with their plates!

Norah and Mommy!

Then it was time for Jason to enjoy our lovely birthday serenade...

Oh, and a little side note... When Cold Stone says "Allow 10 minutes for cake to thaw before serving," what they actually mean is "If you only allow 10 minutes for cake to thaw before serving, it will still be solid as a rock, break one of your gigantic knives, and require your soon-to-be brother-in-law to saw it open with an even more gigantic knife and a lot of elbow grease." Observe:

Thankfully, it was worth the trouble... Once we got into it, the cake was every bit as delicious as you are imagining! : )

Jason also got some rather... "interesting" gifts!

It's a good thing some restrictions apply on the favor Jamie gave him! ; ) Happy birthday, babe! I hope it was fantastic!




Maple Street

We are getting settled in to our new home on Maple Street. I woke up first today (usually happens that way) and decided to take a walk down the street with my camera to see what was around us. The weather forecast called for cold and rainy, so I immediately knew it would be warm and sunny. (How is the weather service wrong every day?) Here are a few random pictures of my morning walk down the street.

Kori noticed this sticker last night as we drove by the corner of Maple and College so I returned this morning to take a picture of it. Apparently something called the "Council of Bulbous Globules" has designated Maple Street as "Fayetteville's Little Canada." I guess because the Canadian flag has a Maple leaf on it? I think its just supposed to be funny. We think this is very bizarre, and, very Fayetteville! Besides, how many neighborhoods have their own T-Shirts?

Random sign...

Fancy manhole cover...

Mural at Maple and Mission Streets...

Flowers are starting to bloom!

Cute blue house...

Old home...

Someone didn't get the memo!


Norah's Big Day!

Our precious little Norah had quite a day today! After receiving the go-ahead from our pediatrician, she got to try out her first solid food. Rice cereal... Yum! : ) She wasn't sure what she thought about it at first, but she seemed to get the hang of it pretty quickly.

Then, to top it off, when we laid her down in her crib for her afternoon nap, she rolled over! We are incredibly thankful that she is growing and progressing so well. Way to go, Norah!

New Website is Live!

Our new website is now live! We have an entirely new wedding site with all new galleries, plus a brand-spanking new portrait site with lots of our portrait images. Although we are best known for our wedding photography, and we make about 95% of our living with our wedding photography, we also enjoy making cool portraits too!

Click here to go to our new website!


Hudson U. is Here!!!

Q. What is "Hudson U.?"

A. Hudson U. is fresh, fun pictures of college students! Somehow it seems like the "portrait" industry has forgotten that there is an awesome time of your life somewhere between your senior portraits and your engagement pictures. You (and your parents!) have invested a lot of time and money in your college years, and we know you've made friends you want to remember long after graduation, so Hudson U. is here to help! 

We want to document your college days. Are you a cheerleader? Put on your uniform, and we can go to the stadium! Want fun pictures of you and your friends at your sorority house? We've got you covered! Just want some shots of yourself with Old Main? No problem! 

We take you (and some friends if you like!) out for a fun photoshoot on campus, or wherever you guys hang out, to get cool pictures of you just being... well, you! It doesn't take long, it's a lot of fun, and you'll have memories of your college years (and how amazing you looked in your early 20's!) to hang on to. 

Plus, your Facebook friends will all be jealous of your awesomeness. : )

For more info and pictures, go to our new portrait website! We've got a few images up already, but there's lots more to come, so keep checking back for even more! To schedule a photo shoot, please EMAIL US!


Crazy Days!

What a week! Kori spent most of it getting ready for a huge moving sale we had today, and Jason tried to keep up with communications and also moving our studio stuff.... we stayed up all night Friday night including a 4:30 a.m. Waffle House run (which was awesome!) and then went over to our old house for our big moving sale at 5:45 a.m. The sale wasn't supposed to start until 6am but by a quarter till we already had over 20 cars out front and a line of people outside forming a line outside from out front door to our mailbox. You would have thought that Apple was releasing a new product at our house, or that a new Star Wars movie was being debuted or something. It was crazy! We still haven't been to sleep since Thursday night (it is Saturday night now!). We're going to catch up on whatever shows are on our DVR then head to bed!

Our new website is being worked on and is in what the computer geeks call "beta" which means its up but still being tested. The final version should be released next week, including an entirely new wedding site with all new galleries, and an updated portrait site with some of our recent work. We can't wait for it to be finished and to show it to you!


Calling us???

We are still in the process of moving to our new home/studio/offices. Our business phones have been out for about a week and a half, mainly because Cox Communications is the slowest utility company on the planet. We hope to have our office phone lines on and new phone system installed by Friday or Monday. In the meantime, the best way to get a hold of us is to email us. We are using some new tools for 2009 which will help streamline our communications. We are working with a company on that and will post any phone # changes here on the blog. 


Name That Tune!

In the midst of moving to a new home, bigger studio/office space, retouching thousands and thousands of wedding pictures, designing coffee table books, and chasing a bunch of kids around the house... we decided this would be a great time to update our website! ; )

We are thinking about adding some music to the site, and would love to get opinions on your favorite songs that would work well to be played along with our photos. We will need a song for the weddings site and a song for the portraits site (which will no longer be just little kids... Stay tuned for more on that!) Leave us a comment here (by clicking the comment link) with your suggestions!

We'll be picking the songs from the suggestions in our comment box, and the 2 winners will each receive an iPod Shuffle! Feel free to enter more than once, and make sure to sign it so we know who give these to if you win!

Let the games begin...

A New Tradition!

We have started a new family tradition in the Hudson household of Sunday dinner with the Hiryaks! (Well, I guess Jamie's not officially a Hiryak until July 7, but still!) We kicked off the inaugural dinner with delicious cheeseburgers provided by Jamie and Joe. Thanks guys! Next week, dinner's on us!