Production Update 12.31.09

The last day of 2009 and what a year it has been! One of our busiest ever. We were honored to photograph some amazing weddings this year. We will be posting some of our favorite images from 2009 soon! We've had a busy week this week, with three weddings to shoot this week alone! As of today, every wedding we have photographed is online! Not just the gallery, but the full wedding proofing websites are all online! We are very glad to be caught up on this! All wedding prints/discs orders are either on order at the lab or already delivered. Yet another thing to be glad of! This week we are working on bridal fair materials for 2010, including our first one on January 17 in Little Rock.

We will resume coffee table book production starting next week (January 4). We can't wait to get these books designed and into your hands. We have a new book style this year with a really cool metallic photo cover, while still maintaining the look of a book store coffee table book. Thanks for checking out our blog. Lots of new wedding, bridal, and family pictures coming soon!

Happy New Year everybody! See you in 2010!


Christmas Cards - 2009

Posted by Kori

I absolutely love Christmas cards. Cards of all kinds, really, but Christmas cards hold a special place in my heart! For several years now, I have taken great delight in every step of the process. Some people think it's a pain, but I enjoy every last bit of it! From picking the cards out, signing them and addressing them to neatly pressing a stamp in place on the corner of each envelope, each step fills me with a feeling of immense satisfaction.

This year I had the pleasure of getting to have fun with not one, but TWO lovely Christmas communiques! First up was Jamie and Joe's card. For theirs, she picked out this photograph:

She had described to me what she wanted, and I decided that it would be way more fun to have something original than to use a standard template. I had a perfect picture in my mind of what I was wanting to do, but I needed some raw material to start with, so I turned to my trusty iStockPhoto for help. There I found these two illustrations:

From those, I was able to create a cute border for their card! Here's a digital preview of the finished product:

As cute as the digital version was, the real-life version was so much better! We had them printed on thick pearl cardstock, and I absolutely loved the way they came out!

I even through in a Christmas-y version of their wedding logo on the back of the card for good measure!

When I was done with her card, I was left with the daunting task of figuring out what to do with ours! I really wanted something that would be fresh, fun and original and that was a good reflection of our family. I think I managed to accomplish it! We decided to go with fold-out accordion cards, also printed on the pearl cardstock.

It was laid out with 4 sides on the front and a collage of photos on the back. Here are digital previews of the layout:

And here's what the actual hard copies looked like!

It was a lot of work, but the finished product made me so happy that it was well worth it! I hope you all had a wonderful Christmas... We'll have photos of some of our adventures to follow soon!


Adisha and Scott's Hot Springs Wedding!

Adisha and Scott were married in Anthony Chapel at Garvan Woodland Gardens in Hot Springs on December 28, 2009. Their reception took place at the Arlington Hotel. Click HERE to see their gallery!

Surem + Guilermo

Congratulations to Surem and Guillermo who were married on Saturday, December 26, 2009, at St. Joseph's Catholic Church in Fayetteville, Arkansas. Their reception followed at the Fayetteville Town Center. Click HERE to see their gallery!


Merry Christmas!!!

posted by Jason

We had a white Christmas here in Fayetteville with about 3" of snow in our yard. The streets turned to ice but Kori was able to turn her snowboard down Maple Street!! I can't believe Kori is snowboarding in the historic district in Fayetteville! Too funny!

For Christmas I gave Kori a snowboarding trip to Winterpark which starts January 9th! Kori got me an awesome Nikon F100 film camera I've been wanting, a big assortment of film, and a cool messenger style camera bag.

Merry Christmas and Happy Holidays everyone!


Texas Wedding!

Back from Hooks, Texas.... congratulations to Molly and Chuck who were married December 19 at Ramage Farms. Click here to see their gallery!


Last Call for Christmas Cards!!!

We are so excited about our Christmas cards this year! Kori laid them out herself, and they're pretty awesome. We would love to send you one, but we have to have your address first! If you would like a card from the Hudsons, please e mail your name and address to:


We're on our way to Texarkana and then Dallas right now to shoot a wedding and then head to our annual Christmas get-together, plus a bonus trip to Ikea and Six Flags. Kori REALLY wants to get these cards out, though, so we're bringing them with us! : )

Hope you're all enjoying the holiday season so far! Tons of pictures coming soon...

Now off to Texas!


New bookings!

Congratulations to Teryl and Mervin who booked us to photograph their wedding on May 29, 2010 on the U of A campus with a reception at Carnall Hall. I see they are using one of our images on their homepage under "event planning." Cool! We love outdoor weddings in the springtime! We'll be looking forward to it!


Happy Birthday Autumn!

Our favorite redhead just turned 8! To celebrate, Kori put together an "Awesome Artist Slumber Party" for some of Autumn's friends, and Jason tagged along to capture the insanity (and the fun!) on film. It was a great evening of yummy food, approximately 1 million Taylor Swift songs, assorted shrieking and giggling and a whole lot of paint! Click on the picture below to check out the slideshow!

Happy birthday, Autumn! We love you!


Production Update/Holiday Print Order Deadline

As of today, all weddings which included "retouched prints" in your packages have been completed and shipped out! We are ordering coffee table books daily - thanks for your patience on these! We will let you know as soon as yours is en route to you! All wedding galleries on our "2009 weddings" page are caught up, and we are uploading complete wedding images to our online proofing site. Today we are uploading October 10th weddings.

Again, thank you for your patience on your wedding proofs and coffee table books. Despite the country being in a recession, we had possibly our busiest year ever in 2009. We have been going non-stop, and I think we probably doubled our portrait business and photographed a ton of weddings! We have had such a good time working with everybody, and we can't thank you enough!

Our season isn't over either! We still have several more weddings to photograph between now and through the New Year. We are booking up 2010 dates fast and getting lots of inquiries for 2011. We are very thankful for each and every one of you. You all rock!!!!


Quite a cake...

I just sent this photo over to Jennifer at Shelby Lynn's Cake Shoppe. This is the cake they made for Jaclyn and Brad's wedding. Must say: pretty nice looking cake!

Jennifer and Todd's Wedding!

Jennifer and Todd of Nashville, Tennessee were married on December 5, 2009. Their ceremony was held at Chapel on the Creeks in Rogers, and their reception was held at the Inn at Carnall Hall. Click HERE to see their gallery!

Gotta say that Jennifer is an incredibly talented singer. Do yourself a favor and go purchase her album "Jennifer Haley" on Amazon or iTunes today!

Ceremony: Chapel on the Creeks
Reception: Inn at Carnall Hall
Coordinator: One Fine Day
Dress: Pronovias
Photographer: The Hudsons

Brooke + Wes Got Married!

Congratulations to Brooke and Wes, who were married on November 28, 2009 in Little Rock, Arkansas! Click HERE to see their gallery!

Ceremony: Pulaski Heights United Methodist Church
Reception: Pavilion in the Park
Flowers: Designs by Tanarah
Catering: Trio's
Cakes: Harps in Benton
Band: Memphis Icebreakers
Photographers: The Hudsons

Full Court Fashion

We had a great time photographing some of this year's Razorbacks basketball team for the December issue of Celebrate Magazine. Thanks for being such a pleasure to work with, guys! It was also a pleasure to watch you beat Deleware State last night on our "date night." Go Hogs! : )

Location: Bud Walton Arena
Models: Rotnei Clarke, Courtney Fortson, Jeff Peterson and Coach Pelphrey
Wardrobe: Soho Clothiers, Walker Brothers and Bauman's Studio
Watches provided by: Romance Diamond Company, Blakeman's Fine Jewelery and Underwood's Fine Jewelers
Styling: Jena Anderson
Publication: Celebrate Arkansas Magazine
Photographer: The Hudsons

Alison + Chad's Wedding!

Alison and Chad held their wedding and reception on November 22, 2009 at the Fayetteville Town Center. Click HERE to see their wedding gallery!

Venue: Fayetteville Town Center
Caterer: The Event Group
DJ: Century Sounds
Cakes: Rick's Bakery
Hair: Odyssey Salon
Makeup: Beautiful Addiction
Photographer: The Hudsons



Call me hopeful, call me gullible, call me crazy, but I am a really easy target for flashy claims made by beauty products. If a cream promises to reduce the appearance of my fine lines and wrinkles by 25%, it's mine. If a toothpaste guarantees me teeth that are 3 shades whiter in just 2 weeks, you can bet it will end up in my medicine cabinet. So when I saw Brooke Shields batting her long, luscious lashes at me in a Latisse ad along with a cheerful voiceover telling me about their impressive numbers from the clinical trials, I immediately knew that I, too, must have lashes that were 25% longer, 106% fuller and 18% darker in 12-16 weeks.

From the Latisse website:

Despite my relentless optimism when it comes to the quest for beauty, I am somewhat realistic in my expectations. Usually if you even a small fraction of the results promised in these ads, you're lucky. Sometimes they even seem to do more harm than good. So when I started my nightly Latisse regimen, I wasn't necessarily expecting much. Hoping, yes, but expecting... Not really. So I was surprised when after about a month I noticed that it didn't take me as long to get my mascara to look great. Then a few weeks later, I had to switch mascaras because the Lancome Hypnose with the Cils Booster (awesome stuff, by the way) was just too much. After 4 months, no joke, if I go out in a strong wind, I can actually feel them blowing in the breeze! It's pretty bizarre, but I absolutely love it. I decided it was time to switch to the maintenance dose of every-other-day application when I noticed that my eyelashes were so long that they were almost touching my eyebrows! (See the last photo below)

Here are my lashes (with mascara) before:

Here are some images of me before Latisse, but with fake lashes on:

And here are a couple of me now (also with mascara):

This is what I've figured out: My lashes without mascara now look like they did before when I had mascara on. Now, if I wear mascara, I get the same look as if I had put on fake lashes before. I actually pulled out a set of my trusty MAC lashes to look at while working on this blog post, and when I tried them on, I discovered that my own natural lashes are now just a tiny bit longer than my fake ones were!

I am posting this here because I know that many of our brides, in the quest for perfection on the wedding day, wear fake lashes. Don't get me wrong, I am very much in favor of this. When done properly, they look incredible, especially in pictures. I used to wear them for photo shoots all the time. But the thing about most fake lashes is that even if they look great on the wedding day, they aren't much good to you while you are splashing around in the Caribbean on your honeymoon! They also require tedious application and putting glue on your eye, plus they could theoretically fall off or lift a little at the edges during the wedding day. We actually see this a lot!

So if you are looking for an option that will give you incredible lashes for your wedding, honeymoon, and beyond, I highly recommend that you talk to your doctor about Latisse. If you live in Northwest Arkansas, give Dr. Taylor's office a call to set up a consult. I have used them for assorted beauty "enhancements" since 2006, and I have nothing but good things to say about him and his staff!

Vital Stats
Cost: about $120 for a 1-month supply
Regimen: Apply nightly before bed
Results: Some improvement after about a month, full results in 12-16 weeks
Side Effects: Minimal in my experience, see the Latisse website for full information
Tips: My "1-month supply" actually lasts 2 full months because I use a clean eyeliner brush to apply it instead of the brushes that come with the product. I have found one drop total (instead of 1 per eye, as it suggests) is plenty with this approach.

DISCLAIMER: I am not in any way qualified to dispense medical advice! I am not a doctor, I am a photographer, and Latisse is a drug, not just a beauty product. This blog post is just to inform you of my own individual, anecdotal experience with Latisse! If you think you are interested, please talk to your doctor first and listen to whatever he or she has to say about it first. In other words, if your eyes fall out, please don't sue me! : )

Congratulations to Alison and Chad!

Alison and Chad were married on November 22. We've been shooting NON-STOP since then and haven't had a minute of office time to work on galleries, but, we wanted to show you this picture we took during their reception at the Fayetteville Town Center. Watch for their gallery next week!


Going Rogue...

Look who we were sent to photograph today: Tina Fey! No... wait... Sarah Palin! No... Tina, well I'm not sure.


Brooke in Black and White

Congratulations to Brooke and Wes. We photographed their wedding on November 28, 2009. We will have their gallery online soon! For now, here are some favorites pictures from her bridal session, presented in black and white.