Tulsa Zoo on Sunday

Took the kids to the Tulsa Zoo on Sunday in celebration of Norah turning one and our brother-in-law Joe turning twentysomething.

Norah not too sure about petting a goat:

Barrett is always king of the world!

Autumn hates brushing her hair, but loves to brush a goat, apparently.

Jason and serious Norah:

Kori's sister Jamie (far right) mistakenly thought this was a Fourth of July trip:

Autumn and Barrett:

Kori was so excited that she took a "nature" picture!

It's always blazing hot when we go to zoos, and since we have had cooler weather lately, we were really looking forward to this trip. Unfortunately as soon as we got to Tulsa, it was 92 degrees. It was so hot that most of the animals were inside. We didn't see to many animals, but we did see some golfers:

Jason and happy Norah!

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