Four new bookings this week! Congratulations to Surem and Guillermo marrying on December 26, 2009, Cassandra and Lee getting married on April 24, 2010, Mary Kate and Jason on May 1, 2010, and Ashly and Daniel marrying on August 9, 2010. We have a bunch of contracts out and still pending. Looks like 2010 will be a busy year! We even had an inquiry for 2011 this week. Way to plan ahead!

Jason is on his way to Tulsa now to photograph some wedding professionals, and then Saturday we will be in Oklahoma City for a very cool wedding, then to Little Rock Tuesday for a meeting and several photo shoots. August is another busy month for us! Thankfully things will be calming down a lot once school starts next Wednesday. We can't believe Barrett is going to be a real, live Kindergartner in less than a week!

Our travel schedule calms down a lot then, which means we'll be able to spend a lot more time physically in the office. We can't wait to get cracking on our list of coffee table book orders, wedding print orders and getting more discs out to our couples. Kori has been uploading weddings like crazy and all weddings will be online before you know it! Traveling is fun but we're ready to be in the office to knock out our big "to-do" list!

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    Great to meet you last evening, thanks so much for coming to the group meeting. I really hope I will be able to work with you soon, great work!

    Zach Downing
    Pro DJ- Emcee / Entertainer