Hi there! we are back from another fun-filled weekends of weddings, plus Father's Day on Sunday. Hope all you dads out there had a great day! Mondays are supposed to be our "weekend" but we usually always end up in the office, especially this time of year as there is so much to do! We left Autumn and Barrett in Mena with their "Garner and Papa" for the week (thanks guys!) so that they can have a great week being spoiled rotten while Kori and I (plus Norah!) hole up in the office to put in some good, quality 10-hour work days of solid productivity. : )

We will be in the office every day this week and hope to make a major dent in our "to-do" list, which includes making coffee table books, retouching wedding images, burning a ton of discs for clients, uploading complete weddings to our proofing website, fulfilling re-print orders, making wedding galleries, preparing bookkeeping records and tax stuff get to our accountant, etc. Some of this stuff we plan to hand off to an intern asap. Anybody out there want to come work for us for free? : ) But the most time-consuming things on our list all have to do with pictures, and we're just too picky to let anybody else do our artwork for us! It just doesn't seem right. So it's just Kori and I cranking it out. Fortunately, we love what we do! ...Except maybe the taxes part!

We photographed a great wedding on Saturday for Jennifer and Michael. Their ceremony was at First Christian Church in Rogers and their reception was at the DoubleTree Hotel. The DoubleTree has a really cool, modern lobby which is always a good place for a quick mid-reception photo break with the bride and groom, our style.

Although at receptions we mostly see live bands, when we do see a DJ, we're always glad when it's Groove Productions. Brothers Todd and Brian Rudisill always do a great job of reading the crowd, playing age appropriate-music etc. They don't talk on the mic all night, or get out on the dance floor and try and dance and show off. They will give you a list of what the won't play (such as the hokey pokey, chicken dance, the macarena, etc.) so you can rest assured they won't play anything that will embarrass you or bring down the quality of your reception. Nothing cheesy with these guys! Very classy, and fun enough to get your guests out on the dance floor for some great reception shots. Check them out if you are looking to hire a DJ in Northwest Arkansas for your wedding or event. We will have a gallery up from Jennifer and Michael's wedding soon. Be watching for it!

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