Norah's Big Day!

Our precious little Norah had quite a day today! After receiving the go-ahead from our pediatrician, she got to try out her first solid food. Rice cereal... Yum! : ) She wasn't sure what she thought about it at first, but she seemed to get the hang of it pretty quickly.

Then, to top it off, when we laid her down in her crib for her afternoon nap, she rolled over! We are incredibly thankful that she is growing and progressing so well. Way to go, Norah!


  1. Holy cow she is cute! Way to go Norah!

  2. Anonymous8:39 PM

    i'm loving every one of these pics!! i kept laughing and laughing as we saw the progress.
    she likes me by the way, she thinks i'm funny.
    yeah for me!
    -AUNT b.robinson