Maple Street

We are getting settled in to our new home on Maple Street. I woke up first today (usually happens that way) and decided to take a walk down the street with my camera to see what was around us. The weather forecast called for cold and rainy, so I immediately knew it would be warm and sunny. (How is the weather service wrong every day?) Here are a few random pictures of my morning walk down the street.

Kori noticed this sticker last night as we drove by the corner of Maple and College so I returned this morning to take a picture of it. Apparently something called the "Council of Bulbous Globules" has designated Maple Street as "Fayetteville's Little Canada." I guess because the Canadian flag has a Maple leaf on it? I think its just supposed to be funny. We think this is very bizarre, and, very Fayetteville! Besides, how many neighborhoods have their own T-Shirts?

Random sign...

Fancy manhole cover...

Mural at Maple and Mission Streets...

Flowers are starting to bloom!

Cute blue house...

Old home...

Someone didn't get the memo!


  1. Hey, my last name is Gunter...your across the street neighbors are probably related to me somewhere down the line! :)

  2. That last one is cracking me up! Good eye, babe!

  3. Anonymous8:38 PM

    cool...funny, creative pics jason!
    ps. you're next assignment will be the farmers market!

  4. Brooke, I've tried the farmer's market, but those farmer's get really aggravated when people take pictures of their flowers and veggies. I have no idea why... but they freak out and ask if we're going to publish the pictures.... I guess they want a cut!

    Thanks for looking!

  5. i really like the last 1

    -amelia [a.k.a jason's oldest daughter]