Jason is Old(er)!

A very big "Happy Birthday" to Jason, who turned 36 yesterday! Here are a few pictures from the festivities!

The delicious cake from Cold Stone Creamery:

Baby Norah with her adorable aunts:

Norah with the Birthday Boy (Birthday Guy? Man? Hmmm...)

Autumn and Levi, having way too much fun with their plates!

Norah and Mommy!

Then it was time for Jason to enjoy our lovely birthday serenade...

Oh, and a little side note... When Cold Stone says "Allow 10 minutes for cake to thaw before serving," what they actually mean is "If you only allow 10 minutes for cake to thaw before serving, it will still be solid as a rock, break one of your gigantic knives, and require your soon-to-be brother-in-law to saw it open with an even more gigantic knife and a lot of elbow grease." Observe:

Thankfully, it was worth the trouble... Once we got into it, the cake was every bit as delicious as you are imagining! : )

Jason also got some rather... "interesting" gifts!

It's a good thing some restrictions apply on the favor Jamie gave him! ; ) Happy birthday, babe! I hope it was fantastic!



  1. wow that knife was like when autumn bent her fork at ok china buffet

    -amelia[a.k.a jason's oldest daughter]

  2. Looks like Joe was diggin that cake! Happy late birthday Jason!