Hudson U. is Here!!!

Q. What is "Hudson U.?"

A. Hudson U. is fresh, fun pictures of college students! Somehow it seems like the "portrait" industry has forgotten that there is an awesome time of your life somewhere between your senior portraits and your engagement pictures. You (and your parents!) have invested a lot of time and money in your college years, and we know you've made friends you want to remember long after graduation, so Hudson U. is here to help! 

We want to document your college days. Are you a cheerleader? Put on your uniform, and we can go to the stadium! Want fun pictures of you and your friends at your sorority house? We've got you covered! Just want some shots of yourself with Old Main? No problem! 

We take you (and some friends if you like!) out for a fun photoshoot on campus, or wherever you guys hang out, to get cool pictures of you just being... well, you! It doesn't take long, it's a lot of fun, and you'll have memories of your college years (and how amazing you looked in your early 20's!) to hang on to. 

Plus, your Facebook friends will all be jealous of your awesomeness. : )

For more info and pictures, go to our new portrait website! We've got a few images up already, but there's lots more to come, so keep checking back for even more! To schedule a photo shoot, please EMAIL US!

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