Hello from Dallas!

Hello, everyone! We are having a great time playing around with some new equipment at the JVS lighting workshop in Dallas! We are about to crash for the night now, since we have another long day of experimenting with cool lights ahead of us tomorrow, but we thought we'd post a few that we've taken so far, just for fun! More to follow when it's not 12:30 in the morning! : )

Hope you're all having a good week!


Road Trip!

Kori and I are headed to Dallas for what will be an amazing lighting workshop all day Tuesday and Wednesday. (We photographers enjoy that kid of thing!) And then on Thursday we will be at IKEA all day knocking out items on our shopping list for our new home (which should be ready soon!) We'll be back in on Friday for a busy day with consult meetings and bridal shoots. Have a great week everybody!!



Stay tuned!!


The '80's called and they want their looks back! Happy Birthday to our friend and local photographer Brooke Robinson! She invited us to her totally rad '80's birthday party tonight. Kori and I had a blast working on our outfits!

Is this just the hottest thing you've ever seen???

Brooke, Kori, and Brooke's sis Kym:

Dance Off!

Kori working on her '80's attitude:


80's Party!

Kori and I are very excited to be going to a 1980's theme birthday party tonight for our friend Brooke! We went to Cheap Thrills yesterday to work on our outfits. Autumn and Barrett helped!

Be watching our blog this weekend for pictures of Kori and I in head-to-toe '80's attire!

Production Update - Shoot Days


As of right now, we have all of our weddings on our proofing website! I think this is a first for us to be caught up getting all of our weddings online. If you need a password to view a wedding, please email us.

Now that everyone's wedding proofs are online, we can move to the retouching/disc making for our weddings. All of Kori's weddings are either delivered or at our photo lab, and Jason is currently working on his September and October weddings. Hopefully by mid-March this will be caught up through winter 2009/2009. After that, we can move back to coffee-table book production. Then once those are knocked out we will be caught up, hopefully in time for our almost booked-solid 2009!


If you live closer to Little Rock, Arkansas or Tulsa, Oklahoma than NW Arkansas and you don't want to drive over for your engagement and/or bridal photos, we will be in the following cities on the following dates:

Little Rock:
Thursday, March 12
Tuesday, April 7

Tuesday, June 5

We don't charge our usual travel fee on our out-of-town "shoot days." We do this only for your convenience! Give us a call or email to set up your dates/times!


Wedding Published!

Thanks to Southern Weddings magazine for publishing Ashley and Aaron's wedding that we shot last fall.

Click here to check out the article!



Baby Norah likes to read the Sunday paper with daddy...


Happy Valentine's Day!

While its fun for kids... we kind of think Valentine's Day is a silly and commercialized holiday for adults, but we just wanted to say Happy Valentine's Day anyways :-) Kori and I give each other cards and gifts all the time... not just one day a year because that's when society says to send a store bought greeting card! It is awesome being married to your best friend!!!


Bridal Fair this Sunday

There is a bridal fair this Sunday, February 8, from 1pm-5pm at the Fayetteville Town Center. Kori will be there w/ baby Norah and her sis Jamie will be helping to show off our photos, while Jason shuffles the other 3 kiddos to various birthday parties. Not sure which is more work! Stop by and say hello!

Top 30!

Guess who's just been named to the current "Top 30 Wedding Photographers in the World" list by the Artistic Guild of the Wedding Photojournalist Association?!?! Click to see!



We are very excited to be relocating to the Fayetteville Historic District! Our new home has a "gallery" feel to it which we love. It's very "us." It has an excellent work area and we will finally have a big flat backyard for the kids to play in, plus a neighborhood with sidewalks so the kids can bike around. We will be moving in March.