Adrienne Loves Jonathan!

Took a break from the baby-having craziness on Friday to make some engagement pictures for Adrienne and Jonathan who are getting married next February!


Sunday, September 28

As of Sunday night Kori was discharged as a patient from Willow Creek. After all that time in the hospital, she is very glad to be free! She's feeling great, and they are letting us keep our hospital room while Norah is in the NICU so we can stay at the hospital and be close to Norah. She should be in there for another 2-3 weeks. I brought Kori home for a little while today, and it was very sad coming home without our baby, but we know that she is in good hands and will be released from the hospital when the time is right.

Norah has a feeding tube going into her nose and down to her stomach since she is too young to eat on her own, but her nurse took out the tubes for a little while on Sunday and Kori was able to capture these pictures. Due to the lighting of the room she is in her hair looks red in these pictures, but its actually dark black.


First hold...

Kori was allowed to hold our baby today for 30 minutes. It was a very special time!

Friday with Norah

Norah is off the ventilator and breathing on her own. Go Norah!


Baby Norah is here!!!

Jason here... Kori had an emergency C-Section today and Norah was born at 4:15 this afternoon. It was a scary time for sure. Kori is fine, and Norah is in the NICU and will be there for a few weeks we are told. She is on a respirator right now but should be off of it in a day or so if she can tolerate breathing on her own. Kori will get to see the baby tomorrow.

We can't wait to have her at home and return to normal. This weekends wedding will be a nice break for me! Thanks for all the prayers! We will keep you updated. 

I wasn't allowed in the surgery room but I did sneak a picture through a small window. 

Norah's first two pictures! 

About 8:30 tonight I got to go into the NICU and see our little Norah! She is 4 pounds and 11 ounces and will be on a ventilator for another day or so. Kori hasn't been able to see her yet since she is still recovering from the C-Section, but hopefully will get to on Saturday.

We think she's beautiful, as all parents do :-)



Just wanted to update you on our life, pregnancy, and why we haven't blogged lately! Kori's water broke last Wednesday and she was admitted into the hospital. They put her on some medications to stop her labor so they would have time to inject her with steroids that would help the baby's lungs develop, since Kori was only 31 weeks at the time. Last Friday, they took her off the meds and told her it would be OK to go ahead and go into labor and have the baby. We figured we would have had our baby by Friday night or Saturday at the latest. But... she never did! Her body just didn't go into labor, and the doctors won't induce her since right now she is only at 32 weeks. They will induce her at 34 weeks if she is still pregnant then, but that's a full two weeks away!

We have already been sitting in her hospital room for 8 full days now! I have been staying there with Kori the whole time and sleeping on a cot in her room. I moved my iMac and iBook over there so I can answer emails, process print orders, send out contracts, etc. My brother and Kori's sister loaned us some DVDs and games, so we have a few things to keep us busy. All of you that know Kori know that she doesn't exactly sit still well, but she's making it through just fine so far! The doctors and nurses have all been very helpful and supportive, and we have greatly appreciated all the visits, cards, flowers, and gifts she has already gotten, even before we announced our situation here!

Anyways, the doctors think she could go into labor at any time. Because of that, Kori has to stay put in the hospital (Willow Creek) until she has the baby, and also has to stay there because she is at risk for infection since she has been lying there 3cm dilated for more than a week! When the baby is finally born, she will likely spend a couple of weeks in the NICU (intensive care unit for babies). But they have told us that for every day Norah is still in her belly at this point, that is two days that she will not have to be in the NICU. That helps keep it in perspective for us, because even though waiting here is a little frustrating, we know that it's all for a good reason. So, please keep us in your thoughts and prayers! And, be looking for baby pictures any day now!

A gift of cookies!

Brooke and baby Maye visit!

Cards from the kids...

Kori's crazy sister Jamie!

Jason's slightly more normal brother (his name is Hayes)

Reading the gossip mags...

Working through a contraction (this happens a lot!)

Stealing a kiss!

Flowers from the kids and also from Rick and Debbie

This card about sums it up... sigh!


Norah's Nursery

We've been working on our nursery for baby Norah...

The crib....

The Tord Boontje lamp and a gallery wrap canvas maternity portrait of Kori...

Bedding from Serena and Lily and a couple of soft toys...


Pottery Barn lamp and one of Norah's ultrasound pictures...

A place to rock the baby...


A big thanks to Hurricane Ike for knocking down several trees in our yard. Strangely, a couple of ceramic birdhouses the kids had recently hung up went unharmed!


Bridal Fair, September 28, Northwest Arkansas

We'll be there and hope to meet you there!

Photographing a birth...

From time to time we are asked to document the birth of a baby and it is always an honor to be asked to do this. Here is a recent favorite; the proud new daddy took a picture of his baby girl in the nursery just a few minutes after birth, then showed me the picture he took with his iPhone:

More pictures from this birth session on our Children's Photography Blog.


Wedding in the Garden

Thanks to the Botanical Gardens of the Ozarks for having our sister company Bliss! take part in their annual "Wedding in the Garden" bridal fair on Sunday, September 7. It was a glorious day and our associate photographers got to meet a lot of really great brides as well as other local wedding professionals.

The Bliss! display:

And some of the decorations for the mock wedding they held during the bridal fair: