Congratulations to Anne Eldridge, she was the winner of our "Girl's Night Out" package! Anne and three of her friends got free tickets to the sold out "Sex and the City" movie, a Dynasty Limo and driver for 7 hours, a Visa Gift Card loaded with cash, and they each got the "Sex and the City" soundtrack on CD. Congrats!

Anne just emailed me these pictures from her and her friends night out on the city! Anne is the one in brown!

We're glad you all and fun and glad we could do this for you. Congratulations girls!


Surprise! Girl's Night Out Giveaway!

Hudson Photography Inc. aka "The Hudsons" and Dynasty Limousine are giving away a "Girl's Night Out" package for one lucky girl and three of your girlfriends! The winner will receive four free tickets to the SOLD OUT Friday night (May 30) premiere of "Sex and the City" at the new Malco Movie Theater in Fayetteville. You'll also get your own stretch limo and private driver ($600 value) for the entire night so you can hit the city in style! Also, four "Sex and the City" Soundtrack CDs are included along with a Visa Gift Card loaded with CASH for dinner and drinks!

This contest is only open to past, present, and future clients of Hudson Photography Inc. aka "The Hudsons." So shine up your Manolo Blahniks and get ready for a girl's night out!


Send an email to contest@thehudsonsrock.com and include your name, wedding date, phone numbers and address. Drawing will be held this Friday, May 30th at noon. Good luck!

Janet + Josh Got Engaged!

I had so much fun shoot Janet and Josh's engagement session! It was one of the first really nice, pretty days after that long rainy spell we had, so we really had a blast playing around outside in the nice weather! We even stopped by Hugo's, where they had their first date. Thanks for being so much fun to work with, guys! : )



Happy Holiday!

Here's a photo of little Barrett wishing you a happy Memorial Day. We enjoyed two actual days off... something we haven't had in... a long time! Back to work on Tuesday. Jason will be in Little Rock for a bridal fashion session and Kori will be working in the office, meeting with clients, and a photo shoot or two. Check out the new engagement photo by Kori on our homepage. Well done!

Have a great day!


Introducing... Baby Maye!

My awesome friend Brooke Robinson allowed me to photograph the birth of her beautiful baby Maye yesterday, and it was one of the most amazing experiences of my life. I cried almost as much as the baby! Brooke, her husband Finley and their 2 precious children, Elle and Silas, welcomed Maye Tarpley Robinson into the world at around 4:30 yesterday afternoon, and I am delighted to post this slideshow of a few of my favorites from the day!

Just click on the picture below to start the show. Congratulations, guys, and thank you so much for letting me be a part of your day!



Production Update...

We are in the office this week editing weddings from November 10, 17, December 15, 2007, and February 9 and 23, 2008. Online proofing is done for weddings through the first of March. Once we get a little bit more caught up on retouching and proofing, we will start design coffee table books for all orders that have been turned in. Thanks for your patience! We are taking our time making sure all images that leave here look the best they can!


Concert Photos...

When you think "Jason Hudson," the first thing you think of is "Goth Rock." Or, perhaps not. At any rate I really enjoy taking photos of musicians on stage. Also I have been wanting to see The Cure in concert since I first learned about them in the late '80s. When I learned this weekend that they would be playing in Kansas City Monday night, I called my buddy and fellow Cure fan Rick at cineastfilms.com and said "we're going to Kansas City!" Although I bought our tickets on the day of the show, I was able to throw down some extra bucks and get third row center tickets (I love this country!).

Kind of different photos for our wedding blog, but thought someone out there might enjoy these. If nothing else, the colors are pretty...

and a few in black and white....


Booking weddings like crazy!

Congratulations to this weeks new bookings so far... Emily and Trevor, getting married on June 27, 2009, Megan and Christopher marrying on July 18, 2008, and Sonni and Tyler having a wedding on March 28, 2009. We appreciate you all!


from today's inbox...

Hi Jason + Kori,

Just wanted to let you know how beautiful I thought the pictures were that you posted in the gallery from our wedding. Andy & I could not be happier...we are looking forward to seeing all the pics! You and Kori did such an amazing job! The pictures you posted exceeded any expectation that I had. I would recommend you two to anyone!!

Talk soon,
Jesssica Furrer


Marlsgate Plantation....

Jill and Tommy's wonderful wedding at Marlsgate Plantation this past weekend is now online. Click here for their gallery.

Mom's Day...

We went with Kori's parents and her sister to Shady Lake on Sunday for a day at... the lake!

Autumn showing off a tadpole she caught...

And Barrett catching... who only knows!

Time for a walk!

Jason being artsy...

Hmm... might be time for maternity clothes. Just sayin!...

Jamie is king of the world!

No wait, Barrett and Autumn are kings of the world!

And Kori + Jason are... just in love!

Laura and Clay's Engagement Photos

From downtown Rogers...