Hello from Chicago!

Kori and I are in Chicago this week for a wedding photography seminar. We're staying at a great little boutique hotel between Michigan Ave. and the lake. I'm trying to keep Kori away from Macy's and me away from the Apple store :-) This trip was a birthday present from my beautiful wife. Thanks baby!

We'll be back in the office on Friday. Have a great week everybody!


We're Pregnant!

After more than a year of trying, we are now officially pregnant!!! We are about 10 weeks along! We had some ultrasound photos taken today, the first of thousands in this baby's lifetime I'm sure!

This brownish tone photo is a 3-D ultrasound image. At 10 weeks in development, the baby is only about two inches long. What amazing technology to be able to see this kind of a photo in the first trimester! The tiny baby is sitting up, with its left arm up by its neck. If you look closely, you can see an ear and also an eye closed, and its little knees curled up in its chest.

This image is a 2-D ultrasound of the baby lying on it back, head to the left and feet to the right.

In this image the baby is also on its back looking up with its head to the right and its feet to the left. You can see some of the umbilical cord above its tummy.


Jennifer + Justin = Engaged!

Lindsay + Bryan are getting married!

I recently had the pleasure of photographing Lindsay and Bryan's engagement session. They are both musicians, and were a blast to work with!

Oh, and in case you are wondering about Tables and Ale as such a random engagement location, it's where they met! We also stopped by the bench on the square where Bryan had proposed. Cute! Thanks for being so cool, guys! : )


Bethany and Adam are Engaged!

Here are some faves from their recent engagement session:

Community Foundation Photos...

We are pleased to have provided photographs for the Fayetteville Community Foundation's new website. You can find them at www.faycf.org


Just for Fun!

I love having a camera built into my cell phone and being able to snap a picture anytime I want. I am sharing a few with you here, all taken with my iPhone. It's not about the quality, but more about the content, the moment, the art, and the obscure.
- Jason

We are in Central Arkansas this weekend photographing weddings in Hot Springs and Little Rock. We'll be off Sunday and Monday and will be back in the office on Tuesday. Have a great weekend everybody!


From the inbox...

"Hi Jason and Kori!! Chris and I want to tell you (and Walt!) how much we LOVE our photos!! Wedding AND engagement!!

We look back on an absolutely perfect wedding day, and our photos just continue to remind us of that. Your talent is amazing, and we will forever be grateful.

Thank you!!

Chris and Melanie Cowell"



New kitty #1 and new kitty #2 are now tucked into bed with Autumn....

Our original cat Trixie is at the vet today so no pictures of her. Yes, that makes three cats total!

More cats?!

I came home from an engagement shoot tonight and found two new cats living at our house. Apparently Kori went into the Springdale Animal Shelter today and just couldn't resist bringing home a half-shaved cat! Apparently there is not a really big market for half-shaved cats! Kori says her stay here is only temporary until we find it a good home. So if anyone wants a half shaved cat, give us a call!

There is also this white cat living at our house. She is kind of cool though with her one blue eye and one green eye.

I think we'll keep this one! Both were about to be destroyed so I guess Kori did a good thing. Both of these cats are very sweet, quiet and loving. I guess we're cat people!


Jamie + Joe

Jason met his sister-in-law Jamie and her boyfriend Joe at the park yesterday to make some pictures of them. It was COLD but they were good sports about it!