3 to 5 months for wedding pictures???

We are coming off our busiest wedding season ever, and we appreciate you all for that! It's been fun getting to know everyone better, and we've had a blast creating a ton of images we're very proud of!

Although we were tied up for nearly a month in the hospital due to some pregnancy complications and our baby's stay in the Neonatal Intensive Care Unit, we have spent the past few weeks working ourselves silly to stay on top of our wedding editing! We have gotten a few e mails over the past week or two from people who were wondering why there was a 5-month turnaround on their wedding pictures. We decided now would be a great time to shed some light on the editing process!

We have never claimed to be the fastest in the business. We only claim to be the best! Between our two wedding companies, "The Hudson" and "Bliss!," Kori, Jason and the associates are shooting over 100 events per year! This is possible because our clients are so happy with the quality of our work. Part of the reason for that quality is that all of the editing, production and artwork is done 100% by Jason and Kori. That means that every order you place online is handled directly by one of us. This also means that for those of you that have retouched pictures included in your package, every image you get was opened up individually by either Jason or Kori and made to look exactly the way we saw it when we took it.

Yes, a lot of other photographers in the country can get wedding prints and discs out quicker than us. There are also a lot of photographers out there who are cheaper than us. We live in a world with a fast food mentality, but when you book us, you aren't ordering fast food, you're ordering 5-star steak dinner! : ) We want you to get every penny of your money's worth with your wedding pictures, so we take our time with them to make sure they are something we are proud of before we send them out.

You will have these pictures the rest of your life. We know that your grandchildren will be looking at these pictures some day, and we want you to be as proud to show them off then as we are to show them off now. When you think about it like that, 3-5 months is not so long to wait for something you are going to have for the rest of your life!

We could rush your wedding pictures, pass them off to high-school students to do the artwork on them, etc., but your pictures would look sloppy. That wouldn't make you happy, and it sure wouldn't make us happy! That isn't how we've stayed the busiest wedding photographers in Arkansas for the past 11 years. We've done that by taking the time required to work on every one of your pictures by hand, one-by-one, spending a few months to do so, if that's what it takes. We know it's hard to wait, because you're so excited about getting your pictures, but trust us, you will be glad you did! Our joke is "we're working as slow as we can" in order to give you the best pictures possible.

I want to give Kori a big pat on the back too... She's been such a trooper! Most pregnant women in the US get maternity leave, but she has been in the office almost every day since Norah came home, working as hard as she can to get your weddings out even while she nurses and cares for our new baby. Good job, Kori!

To update you, all of Kori's wedding through October 10 have been retouched and sent to the lab for printing. They are either at the lab or have already been sent to you if you've emailed us your mailing address. Jason's weddings have been printed through mid-August. Late August and early September weddings are up on our computers now, being retouched. Once we are all caught up retouching and shipping prints and discs and fulfilling of of our holiday print orders, we will be able to look at our coffee table book orders, probably after the first of the year.

Thanks for your understanding that you are getting a quality product. We really appreciate each and every one of you and also your referrals - it's how we feed our family!


  1. Anonymous11:30 PM

    I can really appreciate your honesty. Keep up the good work!

  2. lindsey10:32 AM

    you guys are so worth the wait and definitely the best out there. we can't wait to see our pictures! you guys are fabulous! =)

  3. Anonymous8:22 PM

    Our pictures were just published and they are more than worth the wait! I'm reliving my wonderful day and appreciate Kori and Kara's talent for capturing the moment. Thank you!!!

  4. Anonymous2:07 PM

    Id wait 10 years for pictures from you guys...Take your time! Your work is amazing!
    Jenni Brush