Big news for us!

We got the word today from Norah's Neonatologist that if all goes well over the next couple of days, that we might be able to take her home on Thursday! We can't wait! Then on Friday, Kori and I are heading out to Oklahoma City to photograph a wedding and then I'll be driving from there to Paris (Arkansas) for another wedding! It's a big weekend all around, and we can't wait!

Here are some recent photos:

Sleepy dad, sleeping baby!


Nursh Cherish taking Norah to the scales to weigh in!

This one makes me laugh out loud every time I see it!

We love you Norah!


  1. she is adorable! i love that smile and her tiny little body! :) i'm so glad that she is doing so good!

  2. Jonnie10:21 AM

    She way too cute!!! I'm so excited for you guys that she gets to come home soon!!!

  3. Hey Jason and Kori! it is Monica Meadows, used to be Monica Cayce. I heard about the baby and I have been praying that she is okay, and it looks as though she is! I am so happy for yall!