Sunday, September 28

As of Sunday night Kori was discharged as a patient from Willow Creek. After all that time in the hospital, she is very glad to be free! She's feeling great, and they are letting us keep our hospital room while Norah is in the NICU so we can stay at the hospital and be close to Norah. She should be in there for another 2-3 weeks. I brought Kori home for a little while today, and it was very sad coming home without our baby, but we know that she is in good hands and will be released from the hospital when the time is right.

Norah has a feeding tube going into her nose and down to her stomach since she is too young to eat on her own, but her nurse took out the tubes for a little while on Sunday and Kori was able to capture these pictures. Due to the lighting of the room she is in her hair looks red in these pictures, but its actually dark black.


  1. You've done well. She is beautiful!

  2. i'm glad you've been released, kori! i pray that you will continue to heal and that little norah will grow lots every day! she is so beautiful!!

  3. Jonnie4:31 PM

    that baby is freaking beautiful!!!! I can't wait to get to meet her, I will keep saying my prayers for you guys.