Lazy Sunday Afternoon....

Hope you all are having a good holiday weekend. Kori and I and all the kiddos are supposed to be enjoying a lazy Sunday afternoon at home, but instead I found out that it is apparently cleanup day around here. I called the cleaning lady to see if she could come over but she in El Salvador so I guess she can't. Kori has decided we are doing "Spring Cleaning in July," so now I am doing a good job at procrastinating and avoiding getting stuck on cleanup duty by posting to the blog instead!

I am also trying to explain to Kori why she doesn't need a $2400 Prada diaper bag that she found online!

Anyway, here are a couple of sunrise photos from a recent trip to Pensacola. Kori was there shooting a travel piece for a magazine she does some work for, and the rest of us were tagging along. We have some pretty funny ones from the beach that we'll post soon as well! Have a great weekend!

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