Concert Photos...

When you think "Jason Hudson," the first thing you think of is "Goth Rock." Or, perhaps not. At any rate I really enjoy taking photos of musicians on stage. Also I have been wanting to see The Cure in concert since I first learned about them in the late '80s. When I learned this weekend that they would be playing in Kansas City Monday night, I called my buddy and fellow Cure fan Rick at cineastfilms.com and said "we're going to Kansas City!" Although I bought our tickets on the day of the show, I was able to throw down some extra bucks and get third row center tickets (I love this country!).

Kind of different photos for our wedding blog, but thought someone out there might enjoy these. If nothing else, the colors are pretty...

and a few in black and white....


  1. Those are AMAZING! I've been scoping out your blog for some time now and I have to say, your photos inspire me so much! Thank you!

  2. Hey Jason! It's Jason. Long time no talk! Great shots.....digging out the vinyl now. :)