Back from Chicago!

Kori and I had a blast in Chicago. Kori has some cool shots form the city and also we took the "back roads" from Chicago to Saint Louis via Route 66 as part of an on-going project we're working on. We won't have time to go through our photos until next week so we will share some with you then. We've got a few weddings to get online and a bunch to edit and retouch, plus we'll be in Little Rock this weekend for an awesome wedding at a little country Church. This is our busiest time of year but we have a lot of fun with it.

We returned to find a new contract in our mailbox from Marjorie & Jacob. They are flying Kori and an associate photographer to Vicksburg, Mississippi for their wedding on April 25, 2009. We've got a bunch of new inquiries for 2009 and are sending new contracts out almost daily!

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