Kori and I have been in Cabo this past week having a blast! Kori photographed Kendra and James' wedding last Saturday night, and then I flew down Sunday morning to join them. I can't wait for you all to see some of the images Kori made at their wedding. They are just amazing!

We've been taking pictures like this:

And yes, that is Kendra's actual wedding dress! She said she wasn't going to wear it again and wanted to have some fun with it. Who are we to complain? BTW that water was only about 50-60 degrees, but they both knew it would be worth the few minutes of being uncomfortable for a lifetime of great wedding photos!

We had our return flights canceled on Thursday due to winter weather in Dallas, and we were diverted from Mexico to Los Angeles, then Los Angeles to Chicago, then Chicago to Little Rock. With layovers it took us about 21 hours to make that trip. We haven't slept since Wednesday night, but we are safe in sound in Little Rock now where we have a wedding here tomorrow. We are getting ready to go sleep for about 12 hours! We were planning on going home to Fayetteville before this Little Rock wedding so we could repack our bags, but since we flew straight from Mexico to Little Rock, all we have are shorts and T-Shirts. Tomorrow morning before the wedding we are going out to go buy some clothes to wear to Kim and Joe's wedding, since they probably don't want us photographing their wedding in our swimsuits!

We were sad to leave the 80+ degrees and sunshine to this cold and blowing snow in Little Rock, but we are looking forward to a great wedding tomorrow with a very cool couple. Their reception is 30 floors above downtown LR and will be a great place for some unique wedding photos!

Have a great weekend everybody! We will be back in the office on Monday. We will be posting lots of cool Cabo wedding photos soon!

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