Our kids...


I hope you all had a great weekend. The weather here in the Ozarks was absolutely perfect. We took the fam to the White River for some camping and fishing.

Kori caught a trout!

The kids found a turtle

The day's catch... not too many fish, but we had a fun weekend!

We're back in the office today catching up on phone calls, emails, listening to thew office iTunes library, and a trying to knock out some of our "to-do" lists.

Have a great day :-)


G Love

Kori and I went to George's on Dickson Street last night to see G Love and Special Sauce (one of her favorites).
These photos were taken by Kori

Kori's sis Jamie and her boyfriend Joe enjoying the show

George's has some great shows coming up including Blues Traveler and Pat Green. Check out their website for more details.


The Cross

I drove up Mount Sequoyah today to see what the Cross looked like in front of stormy clouds.

And one from behind a rain-soaked windshield.

Christie + Mark

Congratulations to Christie and Mark, getting married this summer! Here are a few from the engagement photos we took of them recently.



This is our five year old, Autumn. She had fun hamming it up in the back yard this afternoon!

And one in black and white...


Carly and Dustin's Engagement

I don't get time to post photos from every engagement photo shoots we do, but I did want to post a few of Carly and Dustin since I was working on them this evening. They are getting married on July 7, and they are taking Kori and I to Barbados for their beach wedding. We can't wait!

Route 66 Project

Kori and I have been working on a personal photography project of photographing the historic Route 66 that runs from Chicago to L.A. On Tuesday I took some time off to photograph Route 66 in Missouri between Springfield and Carthage.

This is the "66 Drive-In" just west of Carthage

There is a playground in front of the screen that looks like it hasn't been touched since the '50's

This is Gary. His sons built him a replica of a gas station that once stood on this site. Gary sits inside all day. There are no working gas pumps and he doesn't sell anything. He just hangs out waiting on someone to stop by for a visit.

I found this guy walking on a rope that he strung up between two trees. He said it was his hobby. I guess there's not a lot to do in Carthage, Missouri!

A few more of Liberty....

Here are a few more photos from Liberty's downtown Tulsa "bridal fashion" photo shoot. These photos were all taken by Kori (way to go team!)


Tulsa Bridal Fashion

Now that Liberty and Anthony's wedding day has past, I can show you some of Liberty's "bridal fashion" photos Kori and I made a couple of weeks before the wedding. We had to keep these photos top secret so that Anthony wouldn't see her dress until their private time before the wedding ceremony.

These were all taken in downtown Tulsa. We had Liberty in dirty alleys, stairs, in welding shops, etc., and she was a perfect model. She never complained and didn't worry about getting her dress dirty. I don't think it even got dirty surprisingly enough!