Birthday Time!

Not sure what we were thinking, but Kori and I had 17 kindergarten girls over to our home Sunday afternoon for the girl's Autumn's 6th birthday party.

Kori put together a "fashion show" party where all the girls got to play "dress-up" and have their photos taken. They decorated their own photo frames and we sent them all home with a picture of themselves. It was crazy and insane but I think all the girls had a blast!

Fashion Show!

Kori's sis Jamie played makeup artist

Check out those boots on Autumn!

Our cat was a little overwhelmed from all the activity and hid out in the top of our Christmas tree!

Happy birthday Autumn!


  1. what a dad to have 17 girls over to your house! i'm sure they all loved having their picture taken. looks like a great party. good job jason...

  2. Thanks Finley! But you have to give more credit to Kori for creating and running the party and to Jamie for playing makeup artist to 17 girls!
    - Jason