Engagement Photos

The weather is starting to get cold and rainy here in NW Arkansas. If you are needing engagement photos this year, please go ahead and contact us to make your appointment. Pretty soon the weather will be too nasty to do any outdoor photos and we won't be doing any more until next Spring.

A lot of you are waiting until the fall colors are popping for your photo sessions. According to the Arkansas Fall Foliage Report, the leaves should be most colorful at the end of this month and into the first of October (the last few days in October is usually our peak here in Northwest Arkansas).

A note about our schedule; we try and schedule photo shoots (bridal, engagements, etc.) on Tuesday and Thursdays, work in the office on Mondays and Wednesdays, and photograph weddings and events on Fridays and Saturdays. Our only day off is Sunday. A lot of people request photo shoots on Sundays, but that is honestly the only real day we get to see our family, so we are unavailable to work on Sundays, unless you are booking a wedding package. We can be bought :-)

Please go to our contact page to schedule your photo session!

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