Back To School!

Hi, everyone! This is Kori... I can't believe it's already time for school to be starting again! And more than that, I absolutely can't believe that my little Autumn is one of the kids sitting in a classroom even as I type this. She was so excited about her first day of Kindergarten!

Jason and I snapped a few photos on our way to school this morning:

Autumn was so excited she could barely stand it! I loved the look she got on her face as she got her first glimpse of the school:

We blocked the sidewalk for a photo op...

And then it was off to school!

And here's Barrett posing in the hallway... I think he felt a little left out!

Not to worry though. Now we're taking him to the Springdale Waterpark so he'll have a fun day too! Hope everyone had a great first day back!



  1. I can't believe how grown up Barrett looks. Has he grown a foot taller or so?!

  2. Lets try this again. I can't believe how grown up they all look. It seems like yesterday that we were sending Kori and Jamie off to school for the first time. Be proud Kori and Jason - - Papa

  3. Tonya Goss9:40 PM

    these photos are so cute!!! You guys have the most beautiful children...