We're back!

Kori got to make a trip to Wyoming to shoot a travel piece for a magazine. I decided to tag along with Autumn and Barrett. Here are a few of our snapshots!

This was from an 1880's town we visited. All original buildings and stuff:

At Yellowstone National Park. Some kind of weird deer or something:

Autumn listening to instructions on how to pan for Gold:

Taken while driving 80 m.p.h. on the interstate. Don't try this at home!

A Wyoming sunset:

Gotta love it when your GPS tells you to make a turn onto "Holy Terror Trail!"

A scene from the road between Wyoming and South Dakota:

Autumn and Barrett got to ride some ponies:

We went on a Chuck wagon Dinner ride. This was our guide, Steve.

Entertainment at dinner:

Us at Old Faithful. This photo was a lot more interesting than Old Faithful:

Barrett learning photography early!

Here is his photo!

The Grand Tetons. It is fun to say "Tetons!"

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