Bridal Fashion Night Shoot!

Kori photographed Cara's wedding last month, and on Friday, Cara and her husband Steve drove up from Little Rock for some post-wedding bridal photos. Cara wanted something "cool, sexy, and edgy." She is a former Miss Teen America winner, and she currently hosts the pageant each year. All that experience in front of the camera, coupled with an amazing dress from Low's and a ton of personality, made for a fun, funky shoot!

Here are some of Kori's favorite shots:

Jason tagged along and shot also. Here are some of his favs:

A special thanks to Greg Hodges at Dickson Street hotspot Speakeasy for letting us use his ultra-cool Vegas-style lounge for several of the shots you see above... The modern, upscale atmosphere and unique lighting and decor made a perfect backdrop!

Makeup by Casey W., Mac Cosmetics, New York
Hair by Crystal at Shag, Fayetteville

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  1. Kelly Shipp12:15 AM

    Good pics! Looks like you had a lot of fun shooting those. Congrats