Las Vegas!

Just going through some of our photos from my birthday trip to Las Vegas. We attended a huge annual wedding photography convention. We got to see all the latest and greatest wedding albums, cameras, etc.

We went to "Tony and Tina's Wedding." If you ever get a chance to see this show, go! This play is not performed in a theater, rather it's set up like an actual wedding reception. You get to sit as a guest and the characters are all around you. Here's a shot Kori grabbed during the "family portrait" part of the show.

Here's an abstract image Kori made at Paris:

"Studio 54" is one of the hottest nightclubs in the country. We obtained "front of line" passes which made the experience more enjoyable. We went to "Pure" the night before, but had to wait in line over two hours, and it cost $500 per person to sit down! Granted you might be sitting next to Paris Hilton or Brittney Spears, but we had more fun at Studio 54.

We went to a little get together of our photographer friends at the Double Down Saloon, home of the bacon martini. Yep, there's bacon in the bottle! Here's Kori striking a pose inside the bar:

Here's Becker, Kori and Jason (photo by AltF)

And here's Becker being Becker!

Jason and Kori (photo by Jessica Claire)

Kori, Jason, and our wedding photographer, AltF (photo by Becker)

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