Here we grow again...

I hate cliches, and especially that one, but it seems to fit. We've contracted with Amelia Phillips, who is a photojournalist with the Arkansas-Democrat Gazette to be an associate photographer for 2007 weddings. Her fiance Dan is about to come on board also.

All packages incude two photographers regardless of who the main photographer is. When we book our first wedding for any date, Jason and Kori are the two photographers. If we book a second wedding for the same date, Kori or Amelia are the main photograpehrs and our team of second photographers step up to assist each lead photographer.


I know it's confusing, but bottom line is we have up to four lead photographers and a talented team of second photographers. So even if you see your date listed on our 2007 weddings page, go ahead and give as a call or drop us an email as we can probably handle your wedding too!

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