A kiss in the city!

I wanted to share this cool photo of Elizabeth and Kyle from Dallas, Texas. They were married on Saturday, July 29, in Tulsa, Oklahoma. During their reception at Escargot's, I took the couple out on the streets of Tulsa for a few quick photos.


Fun in the Spa City

I was going through some of Courtney and Jonathan's wedding photographs, and got to thinking how cool it was for them to give me time to make photos of them between the ceremony and reception. While they were very excited and anxious to get to their reception, they knew that this quick 15 minute shoot would make memoriable and fun pictures for them to have the rest of their lives. We went together to downtown Hot Springs to make these photos which I'm sure they will really enjoy!


The preparation...

Going through some images I took of Kori getting ready for our wedding in Las Vegas last week. It's weird to take your own wedding images!

I love this detail shot of Kori's dress:

I thought that our hotel room at New York, New York actually matched the style of our clothing:

Of course... the shoes:

The eyes:

The hair:

The earrings:

And... the bride!

New photos from the desert!

I just started going through some of the photographs I took of my lovely new wife out in Las Vegas. The desert is so cool!


A different perspective:

These amazing photographs of my new wife and I were taken by Dalisa Cooper from AltF.com in Las Vegas. Thank you!!!

Dry Lake Bed photos from AltF.com

The day after our secret elopement, our photographer John Michael Cooper played "tour guide" and took Kori and I to a dry lake bed about 30 miles south of Las Vegas. Here are a couple of his awesome images:

Painting with light

As a continuation of our wedding night photos, John Michael took us to an abandoned lot on Las Vegas Blvd. for some "painting with light" photographs. He lights these images only with a large flashlight for a really cool effect!

Strip photos!

The Las Vegas strip that is! We found a little grassy spot right under all the heavy traffic on Las Vegas Blvd. to play in:

Our wedding cake!

Our photographers John Michael and Dalisa took us to a really cool Spanish restaurant near the Fashion Show Mall in Las Vegas. Our waiter surprised us with a tiny wedding cake!

More wedding images from AltF.com:

This is one of my favorite images from our wedding night!

John Michael Cooper, our photographer, took us to the old downtown section of Las Vegas for some really hot photos!

A typical Las Vegas shoe shot!

Outside the Little White Wedding Chapel:


We're Married!!!


Kori and I flew to Las Vegas over this past weekend for a secret elopement at the "Little White Wedding Chapel!" We are so excited and so much in love!!! Life is good!!!

We arranged for John Michael Cooper and his wife Dalisa from AltF.com in Las Vegas to photograph us! They are so cool and took such amazing photos of us!

Here are some photos of the Chapel:

The photographers captured these candid images of Kori and I while we were still inside the Chapel, right after exchaning vows. You can tell from these images just how honestly excited and in love we really are!


Any dog lovers in the house?

Northwest Arkansas photographer Chris Stinson has ventured into pet photography. He calls it "petography" (isn't he clever?!). Check out his website if you're interested in photos of your pets!



You never know what you're going to come across walking around Eureka Springs! Here is some "yard art" for you!


Web stats

A big shout out to all of you who visits my website. For May and June, I had 10,021 and 10,025 hits respectively. That's an average of approximately 323 visitors per day!!! Keep checking back as the "portfolio" images in all the galleries will be updated soon!

from the 4th....

A scene from the 4th....

Freaky Tree

I like to find ordinary objects and use light to make them more interesting. Driving back from a fireworks show in the 4th, we came across what would normally be a pretty dull scene (a streetlight behind a tree). However, due to the firework smoke in the air, the tree kind of came to life!


Book your wedding photographer asap!

I can't believe it's already July! My dates for 2007 are booking up fast, and I am getting new inquiries every single day.

I was curious as to how this year was stacking up to last year. I just checked on last year's bookings, and I am actually ahead of where I was this time last year! May and June 2007 are almost filled up already!

What's even more amazing is that with well over 70 weddings booked in 2006, I thought my schedule was about as full as it could get, but I just booked two more 06 dates last week! There are still a few dates left in November and December. If you know anyone who is getting married then, you can always tell them to check my 2006 and 2007 availability on the "portfolio" page on my website. It's always current!

I cannot express how incredibly fortunate and blessed I am to be able to make a living doing something I not only love, but truly have a passion for! The vast majority of these bookings are due to good ole-fashioned "word of mouth advertising."

To those couples that have used me in the past or who are currently booked with me for your wedding photography, I would like to ask that you continue to mention me to your friends, family, co-workers etc. anytime you hear of someone planning a wedding. Tell them to check out my website. That positive personal testimonial goes a lot further for me than any printed ad in any publication in the world!

Thanks again to all of who who continue to make me the most sought-after wedding photographer in the state!


Rain day!

This is what happens when you go to a theme park without checking the weather forecast first! My girlfriend Kori and I got caught in what looked and felt like a tropical downpour at Silver Dollar City recently. We bought these funny looking bright yellow ponchos to stay dry (yeah right).

Don't we look great? The following afternoon the sun came out, but I lost my cool sunglasses in an unfortunate waverunner incident on Table Rock Lake!!!