If you're waiting on Wedding Photos.....

If you are waiting on your wedding photographs and CDs... please rest assured that we are working on them every day. Our associate Yerby got way behind in his editing so I had him bring us all of his master discs. Besides the weddings that Kori and I have photographed together, we are editing all of Yerby's weddings going back several months. We sent out six orders last week and we have about 18 weddings to go until we are caught up. Our goal is to have everything edited, retouched, printed, burned, and shipped out of our office by the end of this month, Nov. 30th. If you haven't sent us your current address since you were married, please be sure to do that so that we will know where to ship your photos and CDs to once they are ready.

Remember, these are photos you will have for the rest of your life. I would rather you wait three or four months and let us work on them and make them look their best, as opposed to us rushing them and making them look sloppy.

Thank you for your patience!
Jason + Kori

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