New blog posts coming soon!

I have been absent form the blog the past couple of weeks. We have been swamped!

We are getting all moved in to our new house. Look for new pictures here soon!

Spring used to be the busy "wedding season" but now it's the fall by far! We photographed two uber-cool outdoor weddings this past weekend. We were in Hooks, Texas on Saturday and in Little Rock, Arkansas on Sunday. Keep watching for some amazing photos from these two funky couples!


New email addresses

We are in the process of changing our email addresses so we can check it easier when we travel.

To reach Jason/Hudson Photography, please send emails to: jason at hudsonphotos.com

To reach David Yerby, please email him at yerbyphoto at gmail.com

Use the "@" sign instead of "at." I have to type it here that way to avoid the spambots from finding me!

Moving day....

We just got word yesterday (10/11) that our new home is ready for us to move in to. The movers are here now loading up our things, and we can't wait to be in the new house!

Our phones and email will be off sometime between now and Monday (10/16). Please be patient with us over the weekend as we move both our home and office to a new location in Fayetteville. Our new office will allow us to work more efficiently, thus getting your wedding photos and albums to you sooner. Have a great weekend! We'll be back in business on Monday!

So much for fall!

I wrote yesterday that fall was approaching as the leaves on one of our tress were changing colors. So much for that, we have snowflakes and heavy sleet falling right now at our home in north Fayetteville. So much for global warming!


Fall is coming!

These leaves are from a tree in our yard. Finally! My favorite time of the year is approaching :-)


Julee + Matt's Engagement Photos!

I met up with Julee and Matt yesterday on the Fayetteville Square to make engagement photos for them. We had a great time! I think these photos do a good job at showing their love for each other!

The Wedding March

Kori and I attended the "Wedding March" over this past weekend. It held at the beautiful Waldorf-Astoria Hotel in New York city.

Here's famed wedding designer Colin Cowie and myself:

Colin Cowie is getting ready to have a new line of his designs in all Wal-Mart stores.

Here's me with wedding dress designers Michelle Roth and brother Henry Roth:

National TV!

We went over to 53rd and Broadway to watch a taping for the Late Show with David Letterman. The "strongest man in the world" turned over this car several times using only his hands and strength. Kori is crouched down on the front row snapping a photo. If you saw the show and squinted real hard, you could see her on mational TV! (I am somewhere on the back row).

From the roof....

While in New York I made some photos of Kori in her wedding dress on the roof of our hotel:


Greetings from New York City!

We're in New York attending the Wedding March. We've gotten to meet some awesome brides from all over the US, as well as wedding planners from New York and beyond. We also got to meet Colin Cowie, Henry Roth, Michelle Roth, as well the editor's of Modern Bride, Brides and Elegant Bride magazines. We'll be posting more photos soon!



Kori and I were invited to the VIP Grand Opening party for the Pinnacle Hills Promenade on Tuesday night. On the way over there I said "hey, maybe someone can snap a picture of you and me while we're there." Not only did we get a picture of us both, but little did I know that Wayne Newton would be standing between us! Weird!