We bought the kids a new football. They were playing nicely with it until I took it away to make this picture. From the looks on their faces, I think they are saying "uh.... why did you take our ball mister?!"


Almost a month away...

Well, our move in date to our new house was supposed to be September 1st but I learned today that it's been pushed back to October 1st.... but, we are very excited nonetheless! We can't wait to have more room for the kiddos, and it will bee a great party house to entertain our brides and grooms too!

Important Sign

I love this sign that's in front of my accountant's office!


Website portfolio added/updated

I have updated the portfolios on my website, as well as added a new section called "portraits" so that you can see some of the posed images we do of couples and the wedding party at our weddings.

Our Cabo photos...

We flew out to Cabo a few days early for Brandi and Chris' wedding. These are some of our snapshots from around the Cabo San Lucas area...

We stayed at the all-inclusive Dreams Resort:

This is where we had breakfast every morning:

This was the view from our room at the resort:

Kori having fun in the sun!!!

Some shopping in the market:

Where do poor fish live?

What a nice setting for dinner!

"Old" Mexico:

"New" Mexico:

Our new friends:

Not sure what is going on here!!!

Some homes overlooking the sea:

They are proud to be small!

I don't know spanish, but I'm pretty sure that "Alto" means "Stop!"

Thanks Brandi and Chris for bringing us to Cabo!


Greetings from Cabo!

Brandi & Chris were married Thursday night, August 17, in Los Cabos, Mexico! We had so much fun and came back with amazing pictures. But then again, how can you go wrong photographing a beautiful wedding on a beautiful beach? Congratulations Brandi & Chris!


Back from the Big D

Kori and I just returned from Dallas to photograph Cayce and Troy's wedding. Now we are repacking, and heading out first thing Tuesday morning for Los Cabos, Mexico to photograph Brandi and Chris' wedding Thursday night. Then we'll jet back from that wedding in time to head up to a Missouri wedding this Saturday and then on to Oklahoma next week! And August is supposed to be our slow month! HA! We love it though. We love to travel and see different wedding and reception locations. Look forward to beach wedding pictures from Cabo later this week! I'm going to make the bride get into the ocean in her dress if it kills me!!!


Cute sign at Blakeman's!

My wife Kori is the staff photographer for Celebrate magazine, and while at a shoot today in Blakeman's jewelry store in Rogers, she saw this sign:


Check out Rachel Billingsley!

At Church this morning we got the treat to once again hear Rachel Billingsley's beautifully soulful singing voice.

I turned many of you onto Sara Groves after I was contacted by her husband Troy to photograph one of her concerts earlier this year:

Well if you like Sara Groves, and especially Sarah McLachlan (Rachel's voice is even more powerful than McLachlan's), you should definitely check out Rachel Billingsley. She lives right here in Northweat Arkansas and is an incredible singer and increbibly uplifting songs. Click here to go to Rachel's website to hear her music and order her CDs.

From the Old Main lawn....

Thanks to my wife Kori for making this really cool photo from Jennifer and Kevin's wedding on Saturday, August, 5. The image is our "home page photo of the week" for this week! They had an outdoor ceremony on the Old Main lawn in Fayetteville. Congrats Jennifer and Kevin!


Have Samual Jackson call your friends!

You can have Samuel Jackson call your friends/family members to promote his new movie "Snakes on a Plane." It's fun! Click here.


Wedding Tip #248

Throw the bouquet and garter at the beginning of the reception, that way all the single people will know who each other are! :-)


Latest wedding bookings!

Congratulations to our latest wedding bookings!

Lisa & Jack - September 16, 2006
Homa & Matthew - August 4, 2007
Elizabeth & Jack - October 27, 2007

I photographed Elizabeth's sister's wedding a few years ago. Congrats to you all! Our summer and fall 2007 is starting to fill up!