NATO, the European Parliment, and me.

Last week, members of the European Paliment and NATO visited the United States. They had the choice to visit any two areas in the US. They chose San Francisco and Northwest Arkansas. While here in Fayetteville, my parents hosted a reception for the foreign dignitaries at their home. The idea was for them to get to see what a "typical American home" looks like (although I think my parents' home is a little beyond "typical!"). The visitors seemed to enjoy themselves. They smoked (a lot), watch the World Cup match on TV (France was winning which made the representatives from France happy) and they feasted on my mom's famous artery-clogging butter and egg-filled chocolate brownies (which must have crack in them because they are very addictive!)

Sharing a laugh in the photo below are Parliment members from Scotland and Bulgaria.

An Estonian paliment member spends his "down time" from very busy visit to Northwest Arkansas checking emails and newspapers from "back home."

Below are (from left) a representative from the Department of Commerce in Little Rock, a NATO member from Poland, and Kristen Boozman from Rogers, Arkansas.

Spending some time in the living room goofing off!

My father, mother, and myself in front of their home on Mount Sequoyah.

Of course, the most important dignitaries in attendance were me and my girlfriend Kori!

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